TUFF TUBE Diamond Disposable Grip | 11D/25mm | 20pcs/Box

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TUFF TUBE Diamond Disposable Grip | 11D/25mm | 20pcs/Box

100% Brand New

When we sat down years ago with a fellow tattooer and discussed what was wrong with the movement into disposable grips we realized it was all in the stem. Moving from metal grips to plastic created flex and made the tattooing process feel unstable. With years of development, research and trial and error we created our premium Original Tuff Tube now made with anodized aluminum back stems that reduce the vibration and have no flex! We have improved our tips and our MAG's which are now an open wash tip but acts like a closed tip.  No splatter like conventional open wash tips and a good load of ink every time you dip. These wash out super easy. Our rounds now have a slash cut to better see your needles and draw up ink.


Quantity: 20pcs/box

Style: 11 Diamond

Size: 25mm


Why Aluminum over other materials?

1. Reduced vibration and noise: We tried many other metals like carbon fiber and by far aluminum created strength without added vibration and noise.

2. Light weight: While other material may have strength it often comes with added weight. Added weight means greater shipping costs to us and then to you and harder to travel with.

3. No oxidization- Cleanliness: This is the big one, we anodize our aluminum to ensure no rust or oxidizing like materials such as stainless steel. When tattooing we all try to ensure the cleanest setup, it starts with the equipment you use.


Package Includes:

20 x TUFF TUBE Diamond Disposable Grip