Solar Powered Ultrasonic Animal and Bird Repeller W/Flashing Light

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Solar Powered Ultrasonic Animal and Bird Repeller W/Flashing Light


Solar power & Waterproof: Charged by solar energy in the sun, or via USB power supply in rainy. IPX4 level waterproof, allowing you to drive away the stolen animals anytime anywhere economical and convenience.

Ultrasonic & Flashing LED: Repel and intimidate nasty animals or pests by emitting powerful ultrasonic wave and strong LED flashing light, away from our farms, gardens, orchards, lawns and front yards.

Larger Coverage Protection: Dual speaker design with extended degree for emitting sonic wave, acoustic coverage of up to 5000sq.ft. As long as animals close to within 30ft animal repeller ultrasonic will be activated by motion sensor. Easy To Install & Use : Just insert Solar animal repeller ultrasonic into ground soil or hang up where there is plenty of sun light and switch it on. Then you can have an environment without animals'

Environmentally Friendly: No animal death and no chemical stimulation, just scare away animals, this is the most humane approach. You can use solar animal repeller to cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, deer, squirrels, raccoons, voles, etc.



Materials: ABS

Coverage: 30 Feets@180°=5000 Square Feets

Size: 350mm x 150mm

Weight: 450g

Battery: 3 x AA (Included)



1.Stay away from children, don't treat it as a child's toy, though it has a cute look

2. When it is used for the first time, please fully charge it to ensure its use

3. Please tear off the top solar protection layer and place the solar animal driver in a sunny place, can work for you smoothly.

4. Please install the direction of the animal's sensor in the direction of the animals, making sure they are not afraid to approach.

5. It would be better to reset frequency from time to time, in case animals getting used to it.. 


Ultrasonic Frequency:

0: Off

1: 13.5kHz-19.5 kHz mice, rats, dogs, foxes, martens etc.

2: 19.5 kHz 24.5kHz cats, raccoons, badgers, skunks etc.

3: 24.5 kHz 45.5kHz bats, birds, rodents etc.

4: Strong flashing lights raccoon, boar, marten etc 5:variable frequency & strong LED flashing all animals


Package Includes:

1 x Solar Animal Repeller

1 x USB Charging Cable

2 x Detachable fixing tube

1 x Manual



-First check whether the product is working properly (whether it is fully charged). If it is not charged, it should be charged under the sun with sufficient sunlight (preferably, the sun light is perpendicular to the solar panel) for 12 hours without any obstruction in the middle.

-Check if the frequency is adjusted to the corresponding animal frequency; -What about birds? It is better to hang the product on the tree. Birds will trigger the product more sensitively when flying over. After the trigger, ultrasonic waves and gunshots plus eagle calls will be generated, and the birds will scare away.

-The bird is standing on the machine. If you don’t drive away, it may be because the product is not triggered, so the product does not work, and you don’t drive away. The driving angle of our product is fan shaped.

-The product has no effect. Pay attention to whether the place where the animal is located exceeds the sensing range, which cannot trigger the normal use of the product.



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