Rear Bicycle Light & Siren - Antusi Gold Cicada A8

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Multifunctional wireless intelligent Bicycle light mount for handle bar or under saddle:
Smart brake light. Automatically detects braking - the intelligent sensor automatically switches to braking mode, thanks to this feature, you will increase your safety on the road. Intelligent time of day recognition system - lighting automatically switches to the appropriate mode depending on the time of day. Good lighting comfort of use - high quality COB LED lamps and EnSca lens gives a bright light that does not dazzle and thanks to it you are visible on the road. High quality battery for the environment. Waterproof, compact size-Lightweight design with installation angles below 66g. Thanks to the IPX7 waterproof class they can be used safely regardless of weather conditions
Two methods of installation: for covering or under the saddle ( included)
Bicycle lamp, 3 modes of illumination
Ringtones and 3 beeps

Alarm: Radio Speaker 105dB - 120dB max
3 modes: slow flash, fast flash, 100% brightness
3 Sound modes: siren/ringer/tweet
High volume sound signal to passers-by or to steal
Built-in 800mAH Li-polymer battery: long working time of up to 40 hours
Charging: USB
Wide field of view: visibility up to 500m
Wide viewing angle: up to 180 degrees
Controlled from a remote control
Quick installation/disassembly
Compact size
Remote control functions
The remote control improves user experience.
The alarm button
Control panel: 3 modes
Ringtones: 3 modes
Button for disabling the alarm system
Its range is 10-50 m in open terrain.

Package Contents:
1 x Remote
1 x Bicycle Light
1 x Under Seat Mount
1 x Seat Stem Mount
1 x Mounting hardware
1 x User Manual