Lighter Flashlight Rotating Vibrating Display Portable Lights

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New Lighter Flashlight, Rotating, Vibrating Display, Portable, Compact, Multi-Position Adjustment, Multi-Function



Model name: D68

Running time: 3 - 4 hours

Charging time: about 2 hours

Lumens: white light intensity 310 lm, white light intensity 120 lm.  Yellow light intensity 260 lm Yellow light weak 100 lm


  1. Strong white light - weak white light - strong yellow light - weak yellow light - bright red light - flashing red light
  2. Display (displays battery capacity and number of ignitions)

       3.Type-C interface, arc ignition, rotating gyro

  1. Press and hold the main switch for 2 seconds to enter the vibration sensing mode. When the product rotates or vibrates, the colored lights will light up.
  2. Press and hold the main switch for 2 seconds to exit the vibration sensing mode

 Battery: Polymer battery 702030, 400 mAh

Material: ABS+PS+stainless steel

Product size: 62*66*22mm

Product weight: 63.1 grams

Color box size: 98*42*120mm

Color box weight: 15.2 grams

Complete set weight: 188.1 grams

Accessories: data cable


Package included:

1* Lighter


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