Zoomable Single Cree LED Head Lamp - Rechargeable Type 1

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Made of a durable aluminium alloy material casing, this lightweight unit has a super bright CREE LED which is zoom-able to focus the light or evenly disperse it when you need to as well as 3 lighting modes. Utilizing 2 x 18650 batteries housed in a separate battery pack which contains a battery level indicator. The indicator doubles as a warning light for any one approaching from behind. 

Model of LED: 1x CREE LED
Lumens: 3000 Lumens
Waterproofing design
Aluminium alloy casing
Aluminium alloy reflector
3 switch Mode: Bright Light/Dim Light/Flashing Mode
Model of Battery required: 2x 18650 Battery (include)
Working Voltage: 3.7V
Colour: Black with Blue Band
Adjustable Focus, Zoomable LED Headlamp
Switch: On the head
Package Contents:
1 x CREE LED Headlamp
1 x USB Charging Cable

2 x 18650 Batteries