LED Emergency Floodlight COB Folding Work Lamp Strong Magnet Strong Light Emergency Flashlight Type C Car Service Lamp

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Product Description:

Bulb: inner COB (warm yellow light)+outer COB (white light+red light)+front lamp XPE
Weight with color box: 180g
Material: ABS
Switch: Press the switch
Battery: built-in 1200 mA 18650 battery
Charging method: Type-c USB charging supports output 5V 1A
Gear: 7th gear: COB yellow light strong light - COB yellow light COB-XPE strong light - COB white light strong light - COB white light weak light - 9 * COB red light - 9 * COB red light flashing Any gear long press to turn off
Zoom mode: fixed focus
Waterproof grade: Grade 4
Lumens: 300-400 Lumens
Range: 50-100 meters
Charging time: 3-4 hours
Duration: 4-5 hours
Features: Dual sided COB power display, 3 light sources, USB output, power pack, 180 ° folding up and down, with magnet and hidden hook, convenient for standing and handheld use, better yellow light penetration, red light warning
Indicator light: Four blue LED indicators 25% - 50% - 75% - 100% flash in sequence, charge in sequence, flash full, and all lights up
Color: Khaki
Package includes:
1*Work light
1*USB cable