Fondant Cutter Embosser

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Three detachable wheels-straight, wavy and ridged-for cutting and for embossing of patterns on fondant. Light, easy-rolling design cuts at the perfect angle. Comfortable handle also stores wheels. 

Emboss designs in fondant and modelling pastes - even use for your other clay crafts! 
To cut strips, attach the straight-edge cutting wheel of the  Embosser-just snap the axle into the handle slot. Roll out fondant on the Roll & Cut Mat using grid marks to determine width. Roll the wheel along a ruler to cut perfect strips. For embossing, attach one of the two pattern wheels-wavy or ridged. Roll wheel along strip in any direction. Wheels create great-looking dots or waves to give your fondant cake terrific texture! Remove strips from mat with an angled spatula.   

Package Contents:
1 x Cutter Handle
3 x Assorted Cutting Wheels