Exterior Car Underglow Lights RGB 5050 SMD LED - 12V - Remote/APP Control

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Turn some heads with this kit, light up your ride with this 4 strip underglow LED kit. Set the colours to change and flash to the beat of your tunes or set it to a single colour. This kit is super easy to install.  The led strips are covered in a PVC Rubber which is flexible and waterproof. 

Disclaimer: This underglow kit is intended for show car purposes only and may not be legal for use while on public roads. Epic. Store is not responsible or liable for any infringement notices for incorrect use. By purchasing this kit you are acknowledging these terms.

Material: High quality PVC Rubber
Light Color: RGB
LED type: 5050 SMD 
Automatic Change Modes: 2 jump mode control, 2 fade mode control.
4 Music Sensor Modes.
Lengths (2 for sides, 1 for front, 1 for rear):
2 x 60cm and 2 x 90cm
2 x 90cm and 2 x 120cm
Control: Remote or APP (Optional)
Dimmable: Yes
Hard Wire Cable Length: 20cm

Package Include:
4 x SMD5050 Car LED Strip Lights
1 x Music Remote Control (Optional)
1 x Music Control Box
1 x Hard wire cable

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