5M 12V Portable 360° Telescopic LED Rod Camping Light

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Perfect for outdoor activities where lighting is required, Small enough to take with you camping or fishing or even use it as a outdoor lamp for your festivities. Bright enough to light up a large area. Simply connect to any 12V battery or 12V car socket.

Light Power: 500W
Rod length: 5m
LED Type: 2835 180SMD
Colour Temperature: 6000K White
Luminous flux: 48000LM
Input voltage: DC 12V
Size: Lamp Plate 113x228mm
Package Contents:
1 x LED Lamp Plate (Bracket Attached)
1 x 5m Fishing Rod
1 x Rod Stand
1 x Car Output Line (5m)
1 x Alligator Clamps (for direct connection to 12V Battery)
1 x 12V Lighter Socket