350° Rotating LED + Flood COB Flashlight W/USB + Solar Rechargeable | 2 Size

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350° Rotating Hightlight LED + Flood COB Handheld Flashlight Searchlight W/USB + Solar Rechargeable | 2 Size | W5166-67


- Strong light design: high-power lamp core: light cup 80mm-P50 white light, lens COB white+yellow+red, light cup 80mm-P50 white light, lens COB white+yellow+red, strong distant light, flood lighting.

- Rotatable: the lamp cap can be switched freely; the lamp be transformed between optical cups or lenses.

- USB power output: large capacity power pack, which can charge mobile phones for many times.

- Outdoor lighting: increase the deepening light cup, super cap can be rotated by 350° and the rotating lamp cap can large light cup, double the range, 80mm large aperture, strong focusing, strong long-range.

- Four grid electric quantity display: intelligent electric quantity display function: monitor the electric quantity usage in real time and be ready to charge 25% - 50% - 75% - 100% when the electric quantity is insufficient.



Model: W5166 (Small) or W5167 (Big)

Material: ABS+PS

Colour: Black (As shown)

Bulb: P50+COB

P50 Function: Cool White Light - Strong, Weak & Flashing

COB Function: Cool White Light - Strong & Weak - Warm White Light - Strong & Weak - Red Light - On & Flashing

Special Function: The head can rotate 350 degrees (long press for 2 seconds to switch the light source)

Charging Source: USB 5V + Solar


W5166 (Small) = 18650* 2 - 3000mAh

W5167 (Big) = 18650*3 - 4500 mAh

Running time: 2-6 hours

Charging Time: Approx. 5hrs (USB)

Solar Panel:

W5166 (Small) = 100*45mm

W5167 (Big) = 150*50mm

Product Size:

W5166 (Small) = 220*104*102mm

W5167 (Big) = 290*124*116mm


W5166 (Small) = 375h

W5167 (Big) = 551g


Package Includes:

1 x 350° Rotating Handheld Flashlight

1 x USB Charging Cable



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