12 inch Aluminum Alloy Triangular Measuring Ruler Woodwork Speed Square Triangle Angle Protractor

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- Triangle ruler, protractor, protractor, scriber and sawtooth guide all in one tool.

- Tools suitable for framing, roofing, construction and renovation projects. - Edges are firm and made of strong aluminum.

- Metric and Imperial.

- Sturdy cast aluminum valve body with clear relief royal scale and common common sub conversion table.

- Protractor scale with 0-90 °, metric and imperial.

- Saw blade guide for angle measurement and cutting, very suitable for all construction and retrofit projects.

- Also useful for amateurs, home builders, manufacturers, DIYers and artists.

- Clear scale, small and exquisite, surface treatment, humanized design - Each thickened, corrosion-resistant, high hardness, durable.

- The scale on the surface of the ruler body is clear, wear-resistant, does not fade, and has a long service life.

- Each ruler of the triangle ruler and each corner of the ruler are polished by a special process, which is smooth and does not hurt your hands, and is beautiful.



Material: Aluminum Alloy

Type: Triangle Ruler

Colour: Blue

Measuring range: 0-300mm

Measurement accuracy: 0.001

Scope of application: Woodworking construction industry

Size: 12 inches

Dimensions: 30 x 43 x 30cm

Scale value: 0.5mm

Resolution value: 0.5mm


Package Includes:

1 x 12” Triangle Ruler | Blue


PLEASE NOTE: This product does not have commercial packaging.