USB Mini Night Light Bulb Plug-in & Play | Warm/Cool White

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USB Mini Night Light Bulb Plug-in & Play | Warm/Cool White


* COMPACT: Sleek and compact minimalist design saves space and keeps second outlet available for use

* EASY TO USE: Powered by a variety of USB ports that use a DC 5V power supply, you can plug it into any USB power source, such as a mobile power source, laptop, PC, karaoke microphone or any other device with a USB output port.

* QUALITY NIGHT LIGHT: This night light combines a sleek and modern design that is perfect for bedroom, kids' room, nursery, bathroom, kitchen, living room, hallway, stairs and anywhere you need a guiding light

* ENERGY EFFICIENT: LED bulb is cool to the touch and will never burn out or need to be replaced—saving you money year after year.



Material: Plastic + Metal

Color: Warm White or Cool White

Rated Voltage: 5V

Rated Power: 1W

Power Source: USB

Size: 36.6 x 23.7mm

Weight: 8g


Package Includes:

1/2/4/6/8 x USB Mini Night Light | Warm White


PLEASE NOTE: This product does not have commercial packaging.