Tent Wind Rope Fixed Buckle Pulley Tensioner Rope Ratchet Hangers Lifting W/Carabiner

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Tent Wind Rope Fixed Buckle Pulley Tensioner Rope Fastener Stopper Ratchet Hangers Lifting W/Carabiner | Camping Hiking
- Pulley design, elastic adjustment, can be firmly fixed with just one pull.
- Twisted design, free adjustment, easy to loosen and adjust quickly with a light turn.
- Equipped with load-bearing clips for quick installation and fast and firm fixation.
- Easy to use with carabiner buckle.
- Pulley block, easy to install, safe and stable, more convenient for outdoor camping.
Material: Reinforced Plastic + Galvanised Iron + Nylon Rope
Colour: Black (As shown)
Quantity: 1pc
Rope Diameter: 4mm
Length: 2m Approx
Package Includes:
1 x Pulley Ratchet Rope Hanger
PLEASE NOTE: This product does not have commercial packaging.