Mutifuction Portable keychain light LED Flashlight COB Emergency Lamp For Cigarette lighter Corkscrew Outdoor Camping Work Light

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Bulb: COB (10 white lights +10 yellow lights +4 red lights)
Lumen: white light 320lm yellow light 340lm yellow white light 500lm
Running time: 2 - 3 hours
Charging time: 1 hour
White light strong - weak; yellow light strong - weak
White light + yellow light, (press and hold for 2 seconds)
Red light, strong flash
Spring hook, broken window hammer, screwdriver
Strong magnetic field, type-C interface charging, power display
Screwdriver (3.0 slotted, 3.0 cross)
Battery: polymer battery, 500 mA
Material: ABS+PS+ aluminum
Product size: 50*27*81mm
Color box size:
Product weight: 49.4g
Color box weight: grams
Whole set weight: grams
Color: black, gun
Accessories: type-C data cable



Light source type: COB 35 lamp

Charging time: 4hours -8 hours

Charging method: Type c charging

Lighting time: 5 hours backlight (2hours)

Lumens: 1500 lumens

Battery capacity: 800mAh 1000mah



Light color: white light 320lm, yellow light 340lm, yellow and white light 500lm

Lamp wick: main lamp COB + auxiliary lamp 2*3030

Brightness: 500LM

Power supply: built-in polymer lithium battery (500mAh)

Lighting gear: yellow and white strong light - yellow weak light - white strong light - white weak light - red light - red light flash - long press super strong light

Charging: Type-C fast charging interface

Battery life: 2-3 hours

Waterproof: life waterproof

Weight: about 59g

Material: ABS+PS+Aluminum




Keychain Light: Mini Flashlight

LED Pocket Torch: Keychain Camping Light

Item Type: Flashlights

Charger: Rechargeable

Model Number: Mini Flashlight

Name: Multifunctional Keychain Light

Material: Aluminum alloy + PC

Colour: Black

Product size: About 67x51x28mm/2.64x2x1.1in

Net weight: 49g

Gross weight: 78g

Light color: White yellow red large area natural light

Wick: White, yellow and red three-color COB highlight wick

Brightness: 500LM

Power supply: Built-in polymer lithium battery (500mAh)

Gear: White strong light-white weak light-yellow and white strong light-yellow weak light-red light-red light flash-long press super strong light

Charging: Type-C fast charging interface

Battery life: 5-50 hours

Waterproof: Life waterproof

Additional functions: Back support, bottle opener, key hole, smart TV, cigarette lighter, survival whistle




Name: multifunctional portable lamp

Wick: cob (white light + yellow light + red light)

Brightness: 500lm

Power supply: built-in polymer lithium battery (500 mA)

Gear: white strong light - white weak light - yellow whitestrong light - yellow weak light

Charging: TPC fast charging interface

Waterproof: Life waterproof

Weight: About 70g

Material:abs+ps+ aluminum

Red light - red light flashing - long press super strong light belt cutter, survival whistle



Model: W5139

Bulb: LED

Net weight: 58g

Material: ABS+Aluminum alloy

Switch: push button switch

Charging method: Type-C USB charging

Battery: Built-in 500mAh battery

Waterproof grade: Lifetime waterproof


Package included:

1 * Flashlight



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