MAXELL ER17/33 3.6V 1600mAh PLC Battery W/Black Plug

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MAXELL ER17/33 3.6V 1600mAh PLC Industrial Control Lithium Battery Thionyl Chloride W/Black Plug | Non-Rechargeable


- Use in many places: ideal for industrial power, pyrrolyl chloride batteries, lithium battery, HD digital cameras, remote controls, flashlights, key fobs, and more.

- Easy to install & remove: the battery is easy to install and remove. Just plug it into the socket of your industrial thionyl chloride cell plugs and replace it with a new one.



Model: ER17/33

Voltage: 3.6V

Capacity: 1600mAh

Nature: Non-rechargeable disposable lithium battery 

Size: 36.2*17mm


Package Includes:

1 x MAXELL ER17/33 3.6V 1600mAh



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