Hoop Round Circle Backdrop Balloon Arch Frame | Wedding Props Background | 2 Colors & 3 Size

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Hoop Round Circle Backdrop Balloon Arch Frame | Wedding Props Background | 2 Colors & 3 Size


- Galvanized iron pipe manufacturing, high-temperature baking paint process, no rust, corrosion resistance, can be reused many times.

- Detachable design, convenient for storage and organization. Both installation and disassembly can be done quickly by one person.

- Decorative items suitable for various occasions, such as birthday parties, birthday parties, wedding anniversary, school opening ceremony, school opening ceremony, birthday, graduation ceremony, Christmas, Thanksgiving and other indoor and outdoor decorations.

- You can decorate this product with balloons, flowers, LED light strips, veils, etc., to create a happier and festive atmosphere for your event. It can be placed indoors or used outdoors.

Applicable scene: Party decoration, Birthday party, Bachelor party, Wedding decoration, Bedding celebration, Engagement ceremony, Wedding anniversary, Commercial event decoration, opening ceremony, preferential promotion activities, store celebration activities Photography props, as a round background stand for taking pictures.

Installation tutorial:

1. Take out all the merchandise parts in the carton

2. Lay the arc part flat on the ground to form a circle

3. Link each arc interface and fix the screws at the interface (In the last section of installation and removal, just press it on the wall and connect it.)

4. Install the base and fix the screws



Material: Galvanized Iron

Colors: White, Gold

Shape: Round

Mesh: No

Size (Diameter): Optional (1.5m, 2m, 2.2m or 2.5m)

Weight: 2.43kg Approx.


Package Includes:

1 x Round Circle Backdrop Stand Frame | No Mesh



- This product does not have commercial packaging.

- Flat Pack, assembly required.

- Balloons & Other Accessories Not Included