Car Air Pump Portable Mini Self Propelled Electric Tire Pump

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  1. Accurate pressure measurement: The inflation pump can accurately measure pressure, ensuring the accuracy of inflation.
  2. Metal cylinder body: The cylinder body of the inflation pump is made of metal materials, which have high strength and durability.
  3. Emergency lighting: The inflation pump is equipped with emergency lighting function, which can provide lighting in emergency situations.
  4. Full screen digital display: The display screen of the inflation pump can display information such as pressure and power, making it convenient for users to understand the working status of the inflation pump.
  5. Acoustic noise reduction: The inflatable pump adopts acoustic noise reduction technology to reduce the interference of noise on users.


Product name: Car mounted inflation pump

Model number: CZK-3668

Color: Black

Weight: 0.42kg

Size: 89*47.5*137mm

Material: ABS

Current: 10A

Voltage power: DC7.4V, 70W

Maximum pressure value: 150 PSI

Cylinder Diameter: 17 MM

Inflation time: 9.5 minutes

Battery capacity: 2000 mAHx2

Display type: digital display

Experiment Data(Just For Reference):

1.Full Power Charges 41 Footballs (0.5 minute Charge 1 Ball)

2.Full Power Charges 8 Bike Tires (1 minutes Charges 1 Tire)

3.Full Power Charges 6 Motorcycle Tires (3 Minutes Charges 1 Tire)

4.Full Power Charges 5 Car Tires (8 Minutes Charges 1 Tire )

Packing: Boxed

Package included:

1 x inflation pump

1 x data cable

1 x inflation hose

4 x air nozzle


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