Bibu LED Bag Max Set | 21 x 21cm

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Bibu LED Bag Max Set | 21 x 21cm


Light Up Your Style - With Infinite Possibilities The only bag to match your every style, mood, and vibe! Upload or create any images, GIFs, videos or text to your Bibu LED Bag Max.

You can personalise with unlimited creativity With our app, you can easily create or upload any images, GIFs, videos, and text to your bag. From anime and photos with your friends to your favorite celebrities, movie scenes, video game characters, memes, and quotes, the possibilities are endless! 

Spacious for all your daily essential, fit all your daily essentials, including iPad Mini, Kindle, Switch, makeup, phone, wallet, AirPods Max, water bottle and more!

**The bag does NOT have a built-in battery. Our sling bags rely on a portable power bank as their power source (those for charging your phone is fine). The duration of electricity will depend on the charge capacity of your chosen power bank. Since the LED screen takes only 5V/2A power, even a small power bank like 5,000 mAh can power it up for 4-6 nights 



Material: Leather Polyester, TPE PVC Coating

Colour: Black

LED Screen Size: 10.5"

Resolutions: 64 x 64 px

Power Supply: 5V/2A (Not Included)

Size: 210x210x90mm Weight: 0.45kg 


Package Includes:

1 x Bibu LED Bag Max

1 x BT Speaker | MMS-66

1 x USB Sun Lamp 



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