2 Pack Cheesecloth Unbleached Pure Cotton | Grade 90 - 90x100cm

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STWIE 2 Pack Cheesecloth Unbleached Pure Cotton Muslin Cloth | Gauze Grade 90 - 90x100cm


* 【Durable】Ultra-fine grade 90 unbleached, grade 90 cheesecloth for straining is the highest grade and best quality in cheesecloth. it has 44x 36 tpi,( tpi is stand by threads per inch) which more impurities will be filtered out. reusable cheesecloth is touch soft and comfortable, the hemmed edge makes more stronger and not easy to tear. it is also stand high-temperature resistance.

* 【Health】Made of organic &pure unbleached cotton, never been dyed or bleached, it is completely biodegradable and eco peaceful. the hemmed edge design also makes it lint free and avoid small threads end up in foods. why need to buy organic cotton? because nylon and polyester threads are made from very thin fibers (plastic), wrapped into a single thread (not a solid thread), which frays into food, so you will end up eating micro-plastics

* 【Versatile tool in the home】Natural COTTON is ideal for strain cheese, Greek yogurt or butter, cold coffee, almond milk or nut milk, fruit juice without seeds, roast turkey, kombucha, packaged spices, festive decorations, etc. you may find something like particle on it when you are ready to use it. The black spots on the cheesecloth are cotton seed husks is normal. It’s natural impurities and harmless. the black spots will be taken down maximally after you boil it with water.

* 【Reusable & Washable】: Organic cheesecloth is easy to clean, natural cotton fabric can be washed & used again and again, which saves you money, and helps the environment too. It had better wash by hand in the sink. avoid detergents and fabric softeners, use only mild detergent if necessary, and rinse thoroughly to remove any soap residue. If there are bits of curd sticking to the cloth, rinse with whey or white vinegar to help remove it.

* 【Reusable Ziplock Storage Bags Included】: It comes with a high-quality durable BPA free bag which is made of food-grade PEVA material. Ziplock bags is leak-proof, waterproof, hygienic and easy seal. The packaging make storage easier and allow for the cheesecloth to remain hygienic after opening. zip-close plastic bag can recycle use to keep it hygienic, perfect for storing and preserving.



Material: 100% Cotton

Quantity: 2pcs

Gauze Grade: 90

Size: 90 x 100cm

Weight: 70g


Package Includes:

2 x Cheesecloth Gauze Grade 90 - 90x100cm

1 x Ziplock Storage Bag



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