15mm Mini Round Pipe Tube Cutter | CT-111

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Mini Round Pipe Tube Cutter Aluminum Alloy Body Self Locking | CT-111 | For Copper Tube Aluminum PVC Plastic Pipe


1. Small and easy to carry. The compact design allows use in narrow areas, and the pulley design is convenient for tube rotation. Small in size, suitable for use in narrow spaces.

2. Eliminates external burrs, high-quality alloy blades, sharp cutting edges, fast and efficient cutting, and replaceable cutting wheels, which can be completed at one time.

3. This pipe cutter is 15mm copper pipe. Zinc alloy material, strong and durable, not easy to rust, suitable for copper pipe, aluminum pipe, iron pipe, steel pipe and PVC pipe.

4. Rotate in the direction indicated by the arrow on the pipe cutting machine until the pipe is cut. When cutting, even if the size is cut from the copper tube, it is very suitable without adjustment.

5. Widely used in plumbing installation, refrigeration industry, etc. This is necessary for plumbers, air conditioning installation and maintenance electricians and vehicle mechanics, and refrigeration equipment installation.



Number: CT-111

Working range: 15mm

Material: Zinc alloy

Applicable pipe material: copper, aluminum

Gross weight: 0.13kg


Package Includes:

1 x 15mm Round Pipe Cutter