Mini Portable USB Powered Soldering Iron Pen/Tip Touch Switch kit 5V 8W

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This compact, USB powered soldering iron is perfect for hobbyists! Rapid heat up and cooling means you can work efficiently and quickly. The small long life tip makes it perfect for SMD work and other small soldering jobs.
Type : USB Soldering Iron
Heating Time : <15 seconds
Cooling Time : <30 seconds
Tip: Long Life
Protective Cap: Screw On
Auto Shut Off: 25 second idle
LED Indicator: Yes
Power: 5VDC (USB) / 8W
ITouch Switch: Yes
Temperature Conversion:
Green light (lower temperature)
Blue light (medium temperature)
Red light (highest temperature)
Dimensions: Approx170 x 18 x 18 mm (W x H x D)
Package Contents:
1 x Iron Welding
1 x USB power cord
1 x Metal bracket