Fitness Smart Watch FitTrack Atria

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FitTrack Atria Fitness Watch Sport Workout Smart Watch Black 


Supported: Sleep Monitor, Messages, Phone,

Application: Calendar, Heart Rate Monitor

Brand: FitTrack

Wireless: Bluetooth

OS: IOS, Android

 About this item:

  • Integrated Smartphone APP: Track your sleep patterns, Steps, heart Rate and more over time to make adjustments and optimize your results. App updated weekly
  • Track Your Steps & Weight: Track your steps, heart rate, distance, calories burned and active minutes each day to improve your cardio fitness level
  • Track Your Progress: Look back on your history and track your improvement while receiving calls, texts, and calendar notifications right from your phone directly to your Atria watch
  • Extended Battery Life: Forget the Daily recharge with a 7 day battery life and dont miss a single thing. Go the entire week without being pluggedin
  • 8+ Exercise Modes: Track the right way during your favourite activities without our 7 different exercise modes, making sure you are getting the right on your wrist (strap wrist circumference:110m - 173mm/4.3in - 6.8in)