DeWALT 8m x 32mm XP Double Side Print Tape Measure | DWHT33110

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DeWALT 8m XP Extended Performance Double Side Printed Tape Measure, ultra tough housing.


* 4m Standout and 4.9m reach for long measurements

* Double-Sided Print for overhead measurements and convenient reading

* Increased 23cm Blade Armour provides the ultimate blade kinking and tearing resistance

* Extra Large Hook Design allows for better grip and catch during measurements

* Improved Case Design with extra TPR for better grip and control

* Metric graduation with 32mm Wide blade



Length: 8m

Width: 32mm

Reach: 4.9m Blade

Armour: 20cm


Package Includes:

1 x DeWALT 8m XP Tape Measure | DWHT33110