DeWALT 8M Trade Tape Measure | DWHT370690

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Durable and Efficient - The DeWALT 8M Trade Tape Measure | DWHT3706908M Trade Tape Measure | DWHT370690 Metric Tape has a 3m standout for improved user efficiency. A wide base for improved stability. Compact size is easy to carry.


* Rubber slide lock for added comfort and durability.

* 28mm wide blade delivers 3m standout for improved end user efficiency.

* Tylon coated blade for a long life. * 5 screws for increased durability.

* Lanyard slot for added convenience.

* Has a metal belt clip.



Blade Width: 28mm

Blade Length: 8m

Standout*: 3m

Weight: 0.44kg

*Standout claim based on maximum performance.


Package Includes:

1 x DeWALT 8m Tape Measure | DWHT37069