Car Multifunction Push Retainer Pin Rivet Trim Clip Panel Puller Pliers Tool | LANTUO

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- Can pull a variety of sizes, different sizes of snaps, and particularly form.

- Can pull a square plastic nuts, fast and able to protect the nut from damage.

- Be able to firmly grip the rivet core, so that the river core head easily broken. - Can snap directly from the hard cut.

- Has broken the card core, just showing a little bit will be able to pull out.

- Pull rivet, cutting, stripping and other features.



Material: Metal

Colour: Blue (As shown)

Size: 17.5cm/6.9 inch

Suitable For: Car door trim clips, seals buckle pull, pull, play, cutting, various sizes, round side, thickness, the gap is small, decapitated plastic buckle.


Package Includes:

1 x LANTUO Car Rivet Pliers