Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener Timer Sensor Kit W/2 Remote Control

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Worried about fowl play after dark? Ensure the safety of your beloved birds with this Automatic Chicken Coop Door. Outfitted with a built-in timer, the device opens and closes on command, keeping your chickens on a consistent schedule. Durable stainless steel provides all-weather protection against predators. While a built-in infrared mechanism senses obstruction so passersby won’t get crushed under the door.

Your kit arrives with all the necessary tools and hardware for installing the 11 inch opener on any existing hen house, enclosed cage or multi-layer chicken condo. Whether you are raising a peep of chicks, gaggle of geese, or brood of ducklings, say no more to barnyard casualties!


- Programmable clock with timer.

- Automatically Opens & Closes Door at a Specified Time, Day or Night, for Stress-Free Coop Management.

- Protect Your Chickens: Featured with heavy-duty aluminum doors and linear actuator arms, the automatic chicken door opener is sturdy enough keeps your chickens and ducks well-protected at night from predators. With infrared sensor design, if your chicken get stuck under the door, the motor will automatically stop the stop to protect your chickens and 
ducks from being crushed to death.

- Easy Set Up - No complicated wiring or cabling. Just connect the controller to the actuator according to the instructions, then connect the power supply, attach the automatic chicken coop door opener to your chicken coop, connect the cord to the door and you're ready to go.

- Various Use - Waterproof case protect the controller from raining and water, two easy operate buttons allow you to set the opening and closing automatically with light sensitivity. The automatic door opener is suitable for all standard specifications such as hens, chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese, guinea fowls, quails, and other popular poultry.



Power Supply: 110 V 66 W

Motor Voltage: 12 V DC

Motor Moving Speed: 5mm/s

Protection Level: IP44

Door size: 20.4” wide x 39.3” high

Door opening size: 18.7” wide x 26” high


Package Includes:

1 x Controller Box

1 x Linear Actuator

1 x Power Cord (AU Plug)

1 x Safety Mechanism Kit

1 x Hinged Door

2 x Slide Remote

2 x Hanger Kits

1 x Manual

1 x Screws, Measuring Tape & Tool



- Battery is NOT included but needed.

- This product does not have commercial packaging.