4pcs EFX LED Color LED Light Submersible Waterproof W/IR Remote Controller

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EFX Premium LED Waterproof Lights with Remote The EFX LED Light is a multi-colored submersible LED light that can be placed anywhere and be controlled by remote control. Because it's battery operated it is easy to install almost anywhere. Plus, it's completely waterproof so you can put in your pool, fountain, flower vase, bath tub, or fish tank.

EASY TO USE - 16 COLORS & 4 MODE DESIGN Easy to control by 24 key IR remote control within 20ft distance, 4 dynamic color changing modes (Flash/Strobe/Fade/Smooth) and 16 different static modes multicolor submersible lights.

Battery Powered Submersible Light Reusable Powered by three AAA batteries (batteries are not included), will last 10-12 hours with qualified dry batteries, and easy to replace when the batteries are run out off power.

Safety Note:

- Use only new alkaline or lithium AAA batteries with 1.5V rating for light unit

- Do not mix old and new batteries.

- Install batteries with polarity in correct position as shown in battery compartment.

- Do not expose the IR remote controller to direct or indirect moisture.


Package Includes:

4 x EFX Round LED Lights

1 x IR Remote Controller

NOTE: Batteries not included!